Water Quality Monitoring

For the purpose of algae and weed control, Aquatic Analysts, Inc. performs bi-weekly monitoring programs beginning in April to mid-September to assess general conditions of the lake and watershed, observe the growth of algae and aquatic weeds, and potential sources of nutrient loading.  These surveys allow timely chemical treatments by observing aquatic weed growth and the onset of algae blooms before they become a nuisance.  AAI conducts limnological studies to establish a water quality database of a lake ecosystem throughout the year.  During each visit, dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles are measured from the surface to the bottom at one-foot intervals, as well as Secchi disk transparency.  Water samples are collected for chemical and microscopic (phytoplankton identification) analysis.  The macrophytes (weeds) are identified and their locations mapped.  Long term lake management programs can be recommended from these diagnostic surveys.

Our services also include the preparation of a bathymetric map, showing bottom contours of your lake.  This map is useful in calculating water volume, mean depth, and analyzing the shape of the lake basin.  The configuration of the basin allows us to assess the extent of the littoral zone and hydraulic residence time.  AAI can determine and delineate the extent of siltation or sedimentation that has occurred over the years if historical bathymetric data is available for your lake.  AAI offers workshops to help educate our clients to protect the water quality of their pond or lake by implementing safe environmental practices.

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