Aeration Systems

Aquatic Analysts, Inc. is both an authorized distributor and authorized service center of Otterbine aeration fountains.  Otterbine aerators increase oxygen and water circulation thereby helping bacteria to break down organic wastes and unpleasant odors.  The result is cleaner, odor free water.

Otterbine has a reputation for high quality, longevity, safety, and ease of installation.  The aerators are compact, self-contained units ranging in pumping capacity from 16 to 3,100 gallons of oxygen enriched water per minute.  A small 1/6 HP unit can circulate over one million gallons of water in 24-hour period, and the largest unit circulates over 22 million gallons per day. 

A variety of spray types are available.  AAI offers our customers professional installation and maintenance on all the fountains we sell.  We will install the fountain in spring, remove in the fall, and clean and store in our facility for the winter.

When surface spray is not desired, submerged diffuser type aerators circulate and oxygenate the water without disturbing the natural lake environment.  A subsurface aeration system can be designed and installed by our staff of experts to reduce high fecal coliform levels in swimming areas.

Please call for a brochure and prices. 

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